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Our Approach

Our approach is characterised by building strong collaborative partnerships that integrate the various climate change and disaster efforts being made by existing and new partners. In doing so, the CDRF will work alongside the 3 tiers of government, non-government organisations and international players to achieve common objectives. We continuously ask the question, “Who should be invited to the table?” to ensure that challenges are dealt with systemically

Underpinning this approach is a commitment to working toward system visibility, with an appreciation for the complex and protracted nature of the climate and disaster-related challenges being faced.

Relevant scientific data and the sharing of data amongst partners will be foundational for problem definition and solutions.


  • Collaborating & partnering with stakeholders to achieve common objectives and sustainable solutions;
  • Sourcing and employing scientific data as the basis for problem definitions and project efficacy;
  • Adopting a systemic and complexity view on problems and solutions;
  • Funded interventions should be innovative and catalytic;
  • Working with government to influence applicable policy/ regulations and achieve common ends;
  • Thought leadership and professionalism shall be characteristic of the Fund and its operational activities; and,
  • Developing the CDRF on the basis of act, learn and adapt.


Value Proposition