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Our projects


Donor initiated: A donor may provide funding to the CDRF for specific climate & disaster projects that they deem important, and thereby utilise the Implementation Capability of the CDRF. A business case will be developed with the applicable donor.

Partner Initiated Project: Here a list of prioritised projects with business cases is submitted by CDRF and it’s Partners for evaluation and approval for funding.

Current projects

  • The Fire Services Capacity Assessment Application (APP) is a collaboration between the Fire Protection Association of South Africa, South African Insurance Association, the National Disaster Management Centre and the CDRF. The APP enables the collection of data about a fire service in terms of the SANS 90100 code. The APP provides objective data about the capacity of fire services and as such is an important tool for understanding the current state of fire service capacity and enabling planning for the upgrading of fire services, The enhanced APP is currently being rolled-out under the auspices of the Fire Protection Association of South Africa and the National Disaster Management Centre. As of June 2023 in access of 100 fire stations have been assessed. The resulting data is crucial for understanding the risk presented by under-capacitated and underperforming fire service, as well as informing planning and funding priorities.
  • In partnership with the Council for Scientific an Industrial Research (CSIR) the Green Book is being rolled out at a District Municipality level. “The Green Book is an online planning support tool that provides quantitative scientific evidence on the likely impacts that climate change and urbanisation will have on South Africa’s cities and towns, as well as presenting a number of adaptation actions that can be implemented by local government to support climate resilient development.” – As at the 30 June the Green Book has been rolled ot to 10 District Municipalities.
  • In partnership with the Council for Scientific an Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Drakenstein municipality and Santam, the CDRF is implementing the Waste-water Treatment project along a section of the the Berg River in the Drakenstein Municipality in the Western Cape. The project is centred on the Source Treatment Optimisation and Water Resource Management-Decision Support Tool (STOWRM-DST) developed by the CSIR. The key benefit to the Drakenstein municipality is that the outputs of the STOWRM-DST may be used to derive evidence-based decisions which inform KPA E: Effluent and Sludge Compliance of the national Green Drop standards by identifying measures and areas of improvement in effluent quality and disposal. This project is aligned with United Nations’ global climate change theme of ‘Protecting, conserving, restoring water resources’. In terms of South Africa’s National Development Plan, this initiative supports the Ensuring environmental sustainability goal (Goal 7, NDP). With reference to the Drakenstein Municipality, this initiative has been identified as a priority project in addressing risks relating to water quality and addresses KPA 4: Infrastructure and Services and is aligned with PDO 24 (Pre-Determined Objective)-Water and Waste Water.
  • In a collaboration with the Sishen Iron Ore Company’s Community Development Trust (SIOC-CDT), the CDRF is implementing a number of climate change and disaster-related initiatives in 5 municipalities in the Northern Cape and Limpopo Provinces. The initiatives are aimed at building climate change and disaster resilience within the local, vulnerable communities surrounding the mining operations of the Sishen Iron Ore Company.